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The Agency Problem: Aligning Incentives between Corporations and Capital Providers


The New Financial Paradigm:

Understanding Blockchains' Impact across the financial system - Report 2


This report addresses the challenge of overcoming incentive problems between those within a firm and those outside it. Corporate managers have greater information about the value of a firm than outside creditors and investors do. Unchecked, this information asymmetry can result in incentive mismatches between corporate managers, external creditors, and external investors, reducing firm value by causing:

The New Financial Paradigm: 10 Financial Institutions and their Distributed Ledger Endeavors

 “Blockchain will become the ‘beating heart’ of the global financial system.”1

- World Economic Forum

Rarely does a single technology impact the entire financial system. Now, blockchain is poised to do just that. How will financial practice change as a result? What do financial professionals need to know in order to benefit from a technology that MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito predicts “will do to the financial system what the internet did to media.”2

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